The future of outpatient treatment for general practitioners, specialists and nursing patients
Hybrid medical care
A new division of labor between doctors and nursing staff, supported by digital applications, makes it possible to provide care for patients for whom an outpatient doctor is no longer available regionally.
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Patient-centered healthcare service on site with digitally supported medical care in doctor-nurse combination

Analog and digital General practitioner presence

Analog and digital Specialist presence

Personal health care on site by MFAs and nursing staff including medical delegation

Analog and digital

Analog and digital
General practitioner-

Analog and digital

Personal health care on site by
MFAs and nursing staff including medical delegation

Personal health care on site by MFAs and nursing staff including medical delegation

We are the first healthcare company with a doctor-nurse combination supported by state-of-the-art digital technology, which enables efficient and decentralized treatment of patients. With a hybrid combination of digital applications and on-site treatment, we ensure medical care in rural areas and for chronically ill patients nationwide.
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Problem of GP and specialist care - outpatient specialist care increasingly restricted
People aged 60 in Germany (2023)
0 million
chronically ill at the age of 60+ (2023)
0 %
Average age of doctors in private practice
0 years
missing family doctor positions nationwide by 2030
Smart Care flips the model of the traditional physician visit and brings the physician supported by medical professionals into the residential and home environment, as well as into regions & facilities where limited or no medical care can currently be provided. Our vision is to provide and maintain quality medical care in medically underserved regions / facilities. Trained medical assistants (MFA) in the practice assistance accompany the treatment on site at the patient, as it used to be done by the community nurse, who is known in many places.
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Local Smart Care practices
Supra-regional specialist care
Medical care for people with special needs
Medical care in the nursing home
Remote Patient Monitoring