Patient-oriented treatment process

Smart Care provides the holistic care solution to proactively manage your individual health and improve quality of life. Residence based, time flexible and personalized, Smart Care offers continuous and holistic care for your health.

Through the constant measurement of vital parameters, the personal health status is continuously recorded preventively. In this way, we can better identify medical issues and disease patterns in the early stages and fight them together - in your local environment and without long distances.

In the case of major medical issues, we call in specialists, issue prescriptions and / or refer you - in an emergency - to a local medical facility. The Smart Care medical specialist is your personal trusted specialist, because they care for you locally on site, for example, record your health data and document them in your personal patient file. The primary care physician and / or specialist is either on site or is connected online.

Within SmartCare, we combine service-relevant services, such as the preparation of a care application, and therapeutic/medical services together with you in order to provide you with optimal, fast and simple care in a direct manner. For this purpose, we work together with qualified specialists and general practitioners, as well as various service providers.

Smart Care is the on-site health cockpit so you can understand, manage and measure your own health. Timely and close to home, with the involvement of qualified service and medical professionals.

Health care procedure

Health data in real time

Continuous collection of health data via connected smart devices

Medical service on site

Medical service on doctor's orders incl. dynamic documentation

Virtual doctor consultation

Medical consultation in virtual treatment room + access to health data

Smart Care Home

The Smart Care case has been carefully assembled by medical specialists and medical staff.

The cloud-based end devices transmit the collected vital parameters via Bluetooth, automated and in real time to the SmartCare platform. SmartCare Remote Patient Monitoring allows a large number of diagnoses to be detected or ruled out by specialist medical staff. The measured vital parameters can be recorded via the health cockpit and individually controlled by the medical and nursing staff.

Remote treatment and long-term monitoring of patients at home can be supported with the help of certified medical devices. This implementation of medical devices offers a wide range of diagnostic options and optimal networking of primary care physicians, specialists and healthcare professionals.

Data security

Web server application under LAMP stack

Platform based on web server application under LAMP stack.

User interface according to the W3C

User interface developed according to World Wide Web Consortium to meet HTML 5.0 standard.

Smart Care Server in EU without exception

All Smart Care servers are located in the EU without exception.

Relevant standards


Delivering near real-time medical data to providers.


Transport of medical data between different medical systems.


Enable multipoint video conferencing via HTML5 audio and video.


Strong encryption for all data transmission channels.


Standard for highest 2-factor security and access control.