Our Smart Care Partners

Strong partners for new medical insights and a patient-centered care model.

To make exactly that possible, we work together with various partners. With the help of outstanding expertise of the joint partners, we can respond to your individual requirements and develop a solution that fits you perfectly.

Medium-sized holding company

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany

MBMV is a strong partner of Smart Care and supports the launch of the Smart Technology Platorm and supply solution.

Blue Deer Group

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blue Deer Capital Group is a strong partner of Smart Care. Blue Deer advises clients across a wide range of industries, including sustainable and renewable energy, technology, media, hospitality, FinTech, medical technology and real estate.

Red Medical

Munich, Germany

Red Medical is a strong partner of Smart Care and provides the technology link to billable medical services.


Eichstätt, Germany

Lebe is our Smart Care partner for all topics related to patient requirements and needs in out-of-hospital intensive care.

ICME International AG

Berlin, Germany

ICME INTERNATIONAL AG is a leading international strategy consulting company in the healthcare sector and the main shareholder of Smart Care. ICME works on the development, introduction and implementation of effective healthcare initiatives.

Doctor consultation

Schwerin, Germany

arztkonsultation.de is a certified video consultation solution that has been used by doctors, psychotherapists and other health professionals since 2017.


Berlin, Germany

MehrPflegegeld.de simplifies access to legally entitled care benefits for people in need of care and their relatives on an administrative level. On the platform, people in need of care and their relatives can have their financial claims checked individually without any necessary prior knowledge.


New York, USA

Carespan is a US-based telemedicine company, and technology partner of Smart Care. Smart Care holds an exclusive license of Carespan's commercially successful "Clinic in the Cloud" for Europe and Africa.