Our Smart Care practices / medical care centers

Smart Care provides the holistic care solution for proactively managing your individual health and improving quality of life. Close to home, flexible in time and personal, Smart Care offers continuous and holistic care for your health through regular visits to our Smart Care practices. 

The Smart Care healthcare professional is your trusted personal healthcare professional, because he or she looks after you locally on site, records your health data, for example, and documents it in your personal patient file. The primary care physician and / or specialist is either on site or is connected online.

Our team, consisting of medical professionals and on-site nurses, is the first point of contact for the patient. We digitally connect our Smart Care physicians and the physicians are provided with the patient's vital signs, which were previously recorded by the medical professional and integrated into our Smart Care digitally-supported care solution. The data appears in real time and physicians can immediately get a comprehensive overview of the patient's health.
Together with the healthcare professional, the physician makes the diagnosis and initiates the next steps, e.g., involvement of a specialist, laboratory tests, prescription writing, and more.

MVZ Bannewitz

The MVZ Bannewitz is our medical care center, to which the practices in Neustadt-Glewe (family practice) and Bannewitz (anesthesia), among others, are attached.


MVZ Bannewitz, Windbergstr. 1, 01728 Bannewitz, E-mail: info@mvz-bannewitz.de, Tel Nr: 0351-89672758, Fax Nr: 0351-89672759


General medical practice Neustadt-Glewe

The general practice in Neustadt-Glewe is an innovative, digitally-enabled family practice that uses the hybrid Smart Care care solution. Patients can make appointments with a presence doctor and/or also get doctor appointments that are carried out online. This creates greater physician availability and greater appointment availability for physicians. Patients are thus helped more quickly. 


General medical practice Neustadt-Glewe, Ludwigslusterstr 21, 19306 Neustadt-Glewe, E-mail: info.ng@mvz-bannewitz.de, Tel: 038757-22278

Anesthesia practice Bannewitz


Anesthesia practice Bannewitz,
Windbergstr.1, 01728 Bannewitz,
E-Mail: info@mvz-bannewitz.de,
Tel: 0351-89672758,
FaxNr: 0351-89672759

SC Private Practice Berlin


Smart Care Private Practice Berlin,
Hauptstrasse 10, 10827 Berlin,
Email: info@smartcarehealth.de,
Tel: 030-30364835