Smart Care and cooperation to support patients & caring relatives

Smart Care and are cooperating to offer supportive digital added value for patients and family caregivers.

Smart Care provides patients with digital access to medical care from home, regardless of their location. Smart Care's virtual doctor's visit expands traditional telemedicine by providing real-time recording of relevant vital parameters in familiar home surroundings.

The supplementary support provided by is intended to contribute to an improvement in the daily care situation for family caregivers and provide them with lasting relief. simplifies access to legally entitled care benefits for those in need of care and their relatives on an administrative level. On the platform, people in need of care and their relatives can have their financial claims checked individually without any prior knowledge. After just a few questions, there is an immediate result on the amount and type of benefits still outstanding from Social Code XI. The platform then provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement the claims, find the right service provider and submit the application to the care insurance fund.
Smart Care and want to improve by their co-operation the supply of approx. 4 million care-dependent and their members within Germany in the used domestic surrounding field lastingly.

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